Is life abroad (Australia) really good when compared to India?

Is life abroad (Australia) really good when compared to India?

August 15, 2023 Aarav Khatri

Understanding the Aussie Land vs. Mother India

Being born and raised in India, the sights, sounds, and smells of my homeland have been my identity for so long. But as a travel blogger and globe trotter, I've also had the good fortune to explore a wide array of cultures and lifestyles - one of which is the exquisite Australian way of life.

Many of my Indian brethren often ask me, Aarav, is life really better in Australia? The phrasing may vary, but the essence is always the same. Well, dear friends, this is precisely what I plan to delve into today -- the balancing act between life in Australia and India. Arm yourself with a cup of chai or coffee, and let's take a stroll through my personal experiences and learnings.

The Steady Tempo of the Australian Life

So, what's Australia like? Imagine your life like a soothing symphony, accompanied by a choir of birds waking you up each morning, followed by a leisurely schedule that starts when you're good and ready. Not when the clock compels you to. That's life in Australia. It's slower, steadier, and affords a great deal of personal space, something that we in India may find ourselves crave from time to time.

From barbeques and cricket to casual convos about Kylie Jenner's latest Insta post, the Australians do know how to 'kick back.' But don't mistake their laid-back attitude for laziness. Whether it's securing a job or seeking to make a difference in the world, Aussies don't hesitate to roll up their shirtsleeves and get their hands dirty.

Embracing the Outdoors - The Australian Way!

There's something magical about the sheer diversity of the landscapes that Australia has to offer, reminiscent of an artist's canvas painted with stunning hues of natural beauty. Whether it's sunbathing on the glimmering sands of Gold Coast, getting lost in the serenity of The Outback's expansive deserts, or hiking through dense eucalyptus forests - the instinctive affinity with nature is impossible to ignore in Australia.

From the feel of the cool ocean spray, the refreshing scent wafting off the eucalyptus leaves, the sight of kangaroos bounding across wild landscapes to the crunching sound of dry leaves underfoot - the very essence of Australia takes root in your soul and leaves you breathlessly asking for more.

Rooted in Warmth and Tradition - The Indian Life

On the flip side, imagine waking up in India to the harmonious chants from the nearby temple, the aroma of your mom's masala chai slowly seeping into your room, and the bustling sounds of the chaotic yet charming Indian streets. Time waits for no one here - the day starts early, it's fast-paced, and every minute counts.

The land of festivals, India throbs with raw energy and an addictive vibrancy that leaves everyone captivated. Tradition pervades every facet of life in India, especially significant during Diwali when streets come alive with colorful decorations and the entire country sparks up with fireworks - a symbolic triumph of light over darkness, good over evil.

A Foodie's Paradise - Welcome to India!

If Australia was an artist's canvas, India is undoubtedly a gourmet's dreamland. Be it the steaming idlis from the south or the spicy biryanis from the north, the rich and diverse Indian cuisine is a crazy riot of flavors that burst on your palate, leaving you both satiated and yearning for more.

Not to forget, India's renowned street food scene. Spicy pani puris, tangy bhel puri, hot and crispy samosas – each bite transports you to a world of culinary ecstasy! And the charm of sipping a cup of cutting chai from a roadside tea stall, engaged in a warm conversation with a dear friend, that, my friends, is an experience unique to India!

The Big Picture - Comparing the Two

Both India and Australia are incredibly unique, offering distinct living experiences. If you cherish a slow, relaxed lifestyle, surrounded by stunning landscapes and complemented by a healthy work-life balance, then Australia seems idyllic. However, if you are someone who enjoys the hustle and bustle, the warmth of community, the deep-rooted traditions, and the sensational palette of flavors, then there's nothing quite like India.

But let's not forget that no country is perfect. Traffic, pollution, and overpopulation in India, or the expensive cost of living and potential language barrier in Australia, each has its mix of challenges.

To Move or Not to Move? That's the Question!

When considering whether to move from India to Australia, it all boils down to personal preference. It's about asking yourself: What kind of lifestyle do I value? What are my career aspirations? Which culture do I connect with more?

In the end, the best one can do is equip oneself with all the information, weigh the pros against the cons and make an educated decision. After all, home isn't just a physical space. Home is where the heart is. And your heart - it beats to its own rhythm, marches to its own beat, and follows its unique journey.

To conclude this little detour into the landscapes of India and Australia, I'd like to share a funny anecdote from my first few days down under. Being an adventurous foodie, I decided to try the infamous Vegemite sandwich. But nobody told me to spread it lightly. So, armed with a heavy hand and a hearty appetite, I slathered the Vegemite on like it was Nutella. Needless to say, it was a gastronomic experience I wouldn't recommend! There you go, dear readers, a nugget of wisdom from yours truly - go easy with the Vegemite or brace yourself for a salty surprise!

Well, here's to more adventures, learnings, and a pinch of madness! And always remember - the grass always looks greener on the other side. It's up to you to decide which side you'd like to be on!