Which is the best Indian online newspaper?

Which is the best Indian online newspaper?

August 3, 2023 Aarav Khatri

Unraveling the Web of Indian Online Newspapers

Just a click away, with the aroma of Indian decorum and the prowess of progressive journalism. That's how I would encompass the Indian online newspapers. Ever since the dawn of the digital era, the face of journalism has drastically evolved, making it just a fingertip away from readers across the globe. Thanks to the internet, people like me who live in Melbourne, Australia, can stay updated about the happenings in my homeland, India. My spouse, Bhavna, and I relish our morning tea with a digital flick through the major headlines and editorials. So folks, brace yourselves as Aarav embarks on a journey to reveal which is the best Indian online newspaper.

Path Unveiling the Charm of Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times, a charming relic from the colonial past of India, with more than 90 years of history, has successfully adapted to digital transformation. Its online platform is a harmonious blend of well-researched reportage and constructive editorials, penned by some of the best minds in Indian journalism. Their analysis is insightful, drawing a clear line between facts and editorial content, a distinction that other online papers often blur. Also, the HT Brunch Sunday features - from fashion to food, lifestyle to books, it's all very relatable and realistic. Not to forget the spice of Bollywood, it relentlessly feeds the star-struck psyche of Indian readers and Bhavna is a big fan of these sections. She calls it her "Bollywood Gossip refuel"! The HT app is user-friendly with neat categorization, adaptive text sizing and sharing features.

Confluence of Diversity - The Indian Express

The Indian Express, labeled as the newspaper for the thinking Indian, takes the crown when it comes to varied content. It's like a delicious Indian Thali, with a variety of dishes on a single platter. It offers news, opinions, analysis, and features in fields from politics, sports, business, technology, to lifestyle. The collection of editorials by renowned journalists and thought leaders significantly enhances the reading horizon. Their investigative journalism has often lead to crucial policy changes in India. I've been following The Indian Express since my college days and it always leaves me with some food for thought.

Times of India - The Epitome of Popularity

The Times of India, India's most-read English newspaper, also commands a significant online presence. There's literally no area of interest that the TOI doesn't cover. With sections dedicated to each city, entertainment, sports, world news, lifestyle, and their inclusion of reader's opinions, it caters to a diverse age group. Bhavna and I often engage in lively debates on 'Times View', which presents an analytical perspective on significant issues. Their mobile app is a cherry on the cake, with its fantastic UI design and customization options for ease of browsing. But be ready for ads, many ads with TOI. Some might find this annoying!

Printing Pixels with The Hindu

The Hindu, with its lucid language and responsible journalism, has always been a preferred choice of academics, civil servants and those preparing for competitive exams in India. Their precise news reporting, balanced opinion pieces, their snippets of history, and a hint of southern flavor makes reading The Hindu a unique experience. My appreciation for The Hindu's digital avatar extends to its user-friendly accessibility, as well. Their e-paper format is like a mini replica of a printed newspaper with interactive pieces. I haven't missed a day of the crossword puzzle in The Hindu, I find it interestingly tricky!

Leveraging Business power - The Economic Times

If you are an economics enthusiast or someone who likes to keep a pulse on the market trends, The Economic Times would be your digital gold mine. It boasts of comprehensive coverage of business and financial news from India and across the globe. Whether it's the stats of the Sensex, depths of the bear market, or the spiraling tech industry, ET has it right. I must admit, I've even scored a couple of significant investments tips browsing through ET's columns.

Online Avatar of Regional Powerhouse - Deccan Herald

Deccan Herald, another jewel from the south, delivers a rather underrated yet wonderful online news service. It carries an interesting blend of national, international, regional news, plus a balanced view on various issues. Its unique proposal lies in regional storytelling, giving voice to much-needed local issues and heroes. On a side note, Bhavna found some traditional southern recipes in their lifestyle section, and trust me, her attempt to imitate was incredibly finger-licking!

Conclusion - The News Spectrum

That brings us to the end of this comprehensive guide on Indian online newspapers. It's hard to pick a single winner as it all boils down to personal preferences. For me, The Indian Express and The Hindu pack just the right punch for my intellectual appetite. Bhavna usually hovers around HT Brunch and Times of India's lifestyle section. So, choose as per your interest and happy reading! Just remember, diversity of thought is the essence of a strong democracy and these platforms provide a digital stage.